Leadership in Education

Developing school leadership today to transform education for a successful tomorrow.

The value of our programme

We are of the view that schools’ interventions require a holistic and systemic approach which is informed by the following:

  • The school and its stakeholders are at the centre of the process to ensure legitimacy, clarity, sustainability through skills transfer and continuity of programme.
  • Leadership in Education is not an event, but a continuous process of dialogue, challenge, vibrancy and listening intended to be used as a catalyst for transformation and change of behaviour,
  • Coaching is not only for fixing of performance problems but more for development, exposing leadership and management perspectives and focused personal support, and;
  • Coaching is centred on relationships and partnerships which help to create self-awareness, self-leadership, understanding of the complexity of the context in which leaders operate and building capability to influence others.
  • In addition, the principal needs integrated support to improve teaching and learning through mentorship and curriculum support to improve results.