Case Study
Large Integrated Technology Company in South Africa
Enterprise & Supplier Development

When a large player in the ICT Sector required a national strategy to drive its Enterprise and Supplier Development agenda, we had to really put our thinking caps on.

The nature of our client’s business promised ample opportunities for creative problem solving. The strategy had to deliver on several strategic agendas:

  • B-BBEE scorecard full marks on Enterprise and Supplier development and a much improved Preferential Procurement Score
  • Establishing the client as a thought leader in the sector
  • Impactful interventions and value for money, that would increase the client base and facilitate new small businesses entering the sector
  • Utilisation of the assets and offerings of the client, as in-kind contributions
  • Appropriate support for large and micro enterprises in the sector
  • Collaboration with other players and large suppliers in the ICT sector, through adding value to their programmes and/or inviting their participation and co-funding of the client programmes
  • Creating support and a home/homes for ICT wizz-kids and their out-of-the box startup ideas


The strategy that we created thus unfolded as initiatives under the following broad themes:

The Strategy was designed with very specific benefits for all the parties. Impact measures were structured, splitting growth objectives for the client from SME / entrepreneurial beneficiary objectives. These measureable impacts, included:

For the programme beneficiaries:

  • Loan funding disbursed
  • Jobs created
  • New entrants into the market
  • Revenue and profit growth
  • Access to ICT supply chains
  • Growth in business as well as technical skills and capacity


For the client:

  • Much improved B-BBEE performance
  • Stability in supplier base
  • New outlets / agents / channels to take product to market
  • Stronger relationships with strategic suppliers
  • Utilisation of in-kind contributions to bring employees closer to the supplier and entrepreneurial base
  • Visibility and recognition for client’s contribution to sector development