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Case Study – Executive Coaching

Landelahni Leadership Development was appointed to provide Coaching support to formal leadership development activities across the BancABC Corporate HQ and Country Executive Teams.

At each level and in each country the needs were different and consequently the programme was customised for maximum impact. We used a combination of coaching techniques over a five year period. Research has shown that real and tangible shifts in behaviour come about over a period of time, where individuals are exposed to real live issues and have time to digest and reflect on the learning’s or experiences.

Mentoring was worked into the coaching programme based on the individual needs established during the assessment process. A detailed PDP (Professional Development Plan) formed part of the assessment and was integrated into both the coaching and overall succession programme.

Customised Solution by level

In their own words : 
“I have been having monthly meetings with my team to discuss their challenges. I now have a more united, focussed team.”
“I appreciated the clear focus of the programme and the excellent leadership assessment. I developed fresh ways of handling difficult issues in business”
“I feel I am a better leader. I inspire my team and now lead them for results prioritising, delegating and giving feedback on a continuous basis”