Case Study : Innovative & strategic school based leadership solutions

GDE : Principal and school management teams turning schools into centres of excellence with quality results.

The Gauteng Department of Education identified strategic priorities including :

  • Ensuring Gauteng has effective schools and learning institutions
  • GDE Head Office and Districts; providing relevant, coordinated and effective support
  • Enabling young people to make the transition from school to further education and / or work that provides further training opportunities
  • Strengthening partnerships with all stakeholders, resulting in education becoming a societal priority

The Landelahni coaching and leadership development intervention was designed to address these priorities through a structured program including individual and team coaching sessions as well as training interventions and mentoring support.

In 2010, a pilot programme in 36 schools led to a roll out of the program by Landelahni across 106 Schools, resulting in more than 1000 people successfully completing the programme.

Direct principals’ feedback from the pilot reflects the following:

  • Significantly improved student pass rates
  • Improved confidence, self-esteem, leadership effectiveness & efficiencies to cope with challenges
  • Improved synergy between the SMT, which has resulted in a cultural shift with more open and constructive communication


Emphasis placed on Strengthening Leadership capabilities