Executive Coaching

Today’s leaders face unparalleled business and leadership challenges: relentless pressure for resources, governance constraints, technological advances, globalisation and aggressive competition, shareholder demands, building a high performance culture, fostering innovation and mastering multiple geographies and cultural diversity.

Individual coaching

We focus on executive coaching for business leaders, unique and customised to individual participants. We implement a structured process and proper programme management, all whilst providing continuous measurement of results and feedback on progress. Our focus is on senior leaders, enhancing strategic thinking, interpersonal capabilities and cultivating agility and the ability to respond to challenges with integrity and accountability.

Executive on-boarding

Leaders that participate in an on-boarding programme are integrated into the organisation more effectively, resulting in a higher retention rate. Our structured on-boarding programme, facilitated by a leadership coach, includes the execution of a ‘first 100 days in office’ plan. It aims to achieve full productivity and ensures the contribution of the leader to the organisation in the shortest possible time.

Board coaching

Landelahni offers a range of on-boarding, coaching and mentoring services for board members, designed to integrate new non-executive directors quickly and effectively and enable them to operate with confidence in a challenging, diverse environment.

Coaching circles

Executive coaching circles are a participative, experiential, exploratory experience. They challenge executives’ usual way of operating, helping them to expand their field of vision and extend their leadership abilities. Landelahni makes extensive use of coaching circles to build a more resilient corporate culture alongside building individual talent.

Landelahni’s panel of professional accredited coaches, working to best-practice standards, bring years of business expertise to the organisation, while not being tainted by in-house perceptions and political point-scoring. Such outsourced coaching interventions deliver a high return-on-investment for the individual and for the organisation.