Matt Manners

Founder, Employee Engagement Awards

Matt began his professional career in communications, living and working in London and Sydney, advising Fortune 500 companies before establishing a successful customer engagement business. It was during this time he realised the immense value for businesses who invested in employee engagement, and decided to follow his passion to improve business results through improving the employee experience.

He founded The Employee Engagement Awards and Conferences in 2014, shining a light on and celebrating the vital work being done internally which was largely unnoticed, but proving to be an innovative and cost-effective strategy for retaining and attracting talent as well as sustaining customer loyalty.

In three short years, Matt has presented The EE Awards globally, now established in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific region and have recently launched in Africa, with local partner Landelahni.  The Awards present case studies to showcase excellence, innovation and knowledge sharing, judged by outstanding leaders from across Africa.

At this year's North American conference in Chicago, delegates propelled #EmployeeEngagement as a topic to number three across North America usurping Donald Trump in the process, and listing as 16th worldwide!

Globally, Matt sees Employee Engagement growing in importance as part of retention, recruitment and customer service strategies for businesses large and small.  Insights from Ford, MetLife, Delta, DHL, BMW are among those informing current best practice.  Matt is keen to learn about the specific opportunities for African based businesses to contribute to best practice at an international level.  He is a lover of history and rugby and will be joining us right after the Asia Pacific Awards and Conference in Australia.

Matt has a BA, History; Post-Grad Marketing and Communications London.