A seasoned recruitment professional, Lele ran her own recruitment company before joining Landelahni in an executive role in 2007, with a special focus now on education and leadership development.

Lele studied at the University of the Western Cape, where she obtained her HDE and completed her post-graduate in Education at Johannesburg University in 1995. Naomi has a 15 year career history in teaching, recruitment and consulting.

Lele believes that improving education in Africa is the first step to developing the talent needed to power the economic engine of the continent.

Principal and teacher development is the key to improving the quality of education.

Apart from her executive role at Landelahni, Naomi serves on the board of Sacred Heart College and serves as a trustee on the Kagiso Trust board, developing and evaluating many educational and community projects for support by the trust.

As a shareholder and director in the Landelahni Group, Lele oversees key accounts and stakeholder management for the business.

An entrepreneur, she has multiple interests and more recently founded the Wine Bar in Vilikazi Street in Soweto, a popular and successful eatery catering to locals and tourists.