10 Tips That Make Complex Leadership Ideas Really Simple

Like many Inc.com columnists, I am a consultant and business author.  I’ve written five books over the past 25 years and am proud of all of them.  My latest, It’s Good To Be King, has done well probably because it simplified what many make complex: leadership principles.  


Agile Leaders For Africa

Markets in Africa beckon innovative business leaders who can harness the potential of local resources to expand their organisations and realise new growth opportunities.  


Science, Politics And Intuition Needed For Effective Board Performance

Proficient, high-calibre directors are the essential elements of a high-performance board that can successfully navigate the current complex volatile business and economic environment.  This demands not just the technical or scientific attributes of traditional business school competencies, but includes a mix of politics and intuition.  


Building The Next Generation Of Leaders

A new breed of leaders is needed to meet the challenges of global social, political and economic turmoil.  Yet leaders of the right calibre are in short supply.  


Independence And Engagement Drive An Effective Board

Taking an independent stance and engaging on the hard questions is crucial for a principled and effective board of directors.  


Emotional Intelligence As Competitive Differentiator

People with high emotional intelligence quotients (EQ) are easy to talk with.  They are great listeners and strong communicators in both the written and spoken word.  People with high EQ know who they are and are the ones that can resolve conflicts before they escalate beyond repair.  


For CEO’s, Safe Decisions Aren’t Always Safe

News Flash: safe decisions rarely are.  The best chief executives possess the courage to not only seek out the right decision, but also understand the importance of giving others permission to do the same.  


High EQ: The Most Desirable Leadership Tenet Of Them All

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions in an effective and positive way.  And, in many organisations around the world, it is on the rise!  Contrary to popular belief, The Millennials, Generation Y and Gen Next (those engrossed by tablets and screens) hold, on average, higher EQ levels than generations before them.  


Smart Ways To Identify Next Generation Leaders

Global expansion, pressure on resources, governance constraints, technological advances and aggressive competition are placing huge demands on organisations.  Competitiveness and business sustainability are dependent on the quality of leadership at the helm of the enterprise.  However, finding, developing and engaging the next generation of leaders demands fresh models and new tools.  


Thought Leadership – Piercing The Bubble

News Flash: If you value your own option more than others do, you might be suffering from a common form of self-delusion.  Referring to yourself as a thought leader makes you a tone-deaf narcissist; not necessarily a great thinker.  


Use Social Media To Find A New Job

Social media has revolutionised the way companies search for new recruits, and you can take advantage of this when you are on the job trail.  Recruitment consultancies are increasingly using social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find candidates.  If you are looking for a job, you need to make sure you are visible on these social media networks.  


Let’s Welcome Millennial Women Into The Workplace

It is time to consider the aspirations and rate of progress of young women in the workplace.  These millennial women, board between 1980 and 1995, are our leadership pipeline for the future.  By 2020 they are expected to make up one quarter of the labour force.  


Winning Ways To Prepare For A Job Interview

Going for a job interview can be daunting, whether you’ve graduated from college or university or already obtained some work experience.  But you’ve passed the first hurdle, your CV has risen to the top of the pile and you’ve been invited to come in for an interview.  


Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

“Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights”.  So proclaimed Hillary Clinton , US First Lady at the United Nations Wold Conference on Women in Beijing, China, in 1995, in a landmark speech of her career.