Africa Board Ready Women

Africa Board Ready Women links business and professional women with companies and multinationals expanding their operations across the continent.

Based on the concept of the global Board Ready Women initiative, Africa Board Ready Women is a social enterprise founded by Landelahni.

Our directory lists competent African women who fulfil stringent corporate governance criteria and are well-qualified and ready – today – to serve on a board of directors of public or private companies.

Business case
As the world focuses on Africa as a preferred investment destination, we need competent local leaders to serve on the boards of local and multinational organisations operating across the continent.

That means developing future African board leaders who understand the local context, while thinking globally and adhering to sound governance principles. We need to draw on the skills of both men and women to meet the challenge of the current complex and volatile business environment.

Companies can play an important role by intensifying their commitment to gender diversity, targeting talented women for promotion and building a board that reflects market and customer demographics.

Global research by the Credit Suisse Research Institute shows that companies with one or more women on the board have delivered higher average return on equity, lower gearing and better average growth.

Its report states: “Net income growth for companies with women on the board has averaged 14% over the past six years, compared to 10% for those with no female board representation.”

Like its global counterpart, the growing register of Africa Board Ready Women makes it clear that there are enough women qualified to help lead Africa’s corporations into the future. Africa Board Ready Women provides the vehicle to identify those women skilled and ready to serve on boards across the continent.